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If you can't map your process, you can't provide genuine quality.

Derrick Van Mell

Reducing front line turnover by 2/3rds, times $20K a head. Do the math.

The time needed to listen and respond to each employee's ideas and concerns is NOTHING compared to what you save in turnover expense, not to mention morale and customer relations.

Derrick Van Mell

If you use the wrong productivity metrics, you're not being productive.

Derrick Van Mell

Do you ask customers what they think about your work? I mean, what they REALLY think?

Center member Susan Dineen proved how a rating greater than 4.0 practically guarantees repeat business. When selling new work can cost five figures, the benefit to the P&L is big.

Derrick Van Mell

What if you had to win $1M of sales a day just keep even?

Part 1 of 5-part series quantifying the value of a good manager. Learn how our member, Kevin Hickman, made that happen by focusing on one key number.

Derrick Van Mell

A 20-minute podcast about how the mistaken use of power can hurt--or substantially help--the all-important collaborative within an organization.

The Center's CEO answers questions by Mike Markiewicz about how important it is to make managers aware of just how much they can affect an employee's happiness and, therefore, productivity and loyalty at work. Introducing the Code of Managerial Power.

Derrick Van Mell

Jerked Around by Jargon

Scott Adams launched the Dilbert cartoon in 1989, which still appears in over 2,000 newspapers worldwide. The reason for his success? We have allowed jargon to replace meaningful, clear communication rooted in standard definitions of management terms.

Derrick Van Mell

A podcast on Social Capital

How does the vocabulary of business create barriers within a business? For "disadvantaged" businesses? Hear some stories that support the cause of the new standards body of management.

Derrick Van Mell

The "Inner Circle" approach to networking for introverts

"You're going to get 80% of your business from six people. The trick is finding those six." Derrick Van Mell got that advice when he was launching his first business, and it still holds true. Hear about a unique approach to professional networking.

Derrick Van Mell

Training: "The Language of Business"

Derrick Van Mell, the Center's CEO, is leading a workshop for the FBLP to help these conscientious leaders get their teams onto one page.

Derrick Van Mell

What's the payback on clarity?

Dr. David Borst speaks with Derrick Van Mell, CEO of The Center for Management Terms and Practices on the All Business segment on Wisconsin's Weekend Morning News.

Derrick Van Mell
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