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Miscommunication wastes 10% to 20% of your time.  It's why silos get built.  Miscommunication is the #1 reason people quit and the #1 reason projects fail.  That’s a lot of your life, so you’d better speak up. Comment or quit complaining!  

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Having “integrity” in your value statement tells me some people in your organization need a reminder to be honest.

The only value statement any organization needs is "kindness." That's not just a philosophical or spiritual ideal. It's a powerful practical way to be an incredible organization.

Derrick Van Mell

Did anyone ever talk to you about your power as a manager?

I was a bad manager. I don't know if I'm a better one, but I did learn a lesson about how power is a dangerous drug.

Derrick Van Mell

Leadership and management are different things

Leaders inspire people to take a risk. They might also be managers, but leadership and management are different things. It's all about the 3Cs of character.

Derrick Van Mell

Making the step from specialist to generalist

Making the transition—leap, really—from specialist to generalist is fraught with peril. Many people make the General Manager Face Plant: they and their bosses forgot to ask the three Yes/No questions

Derrick Van Mell

Follow these and succeed. Or don't.

75% of U.S businesses are family businesses (90% in Europe and Asia). May are dysfunctional as businesses and families. It's painful and expensive. Why don't they follow best practices?

Derrick Van Mell

It's awkward to have someone else spot your unknown unknowns

Nothing’s worse than giving your CEO a management report to take to the board, only to have a board member find a hole in it. How can you avoid missing one of those famous “unknown unknowns?"

Derrick Van Mell

Don't allow language to be a barrier among types of people

Language can easily become an unintentional barrier to people of different backgrounds or beliefs. The Center is dedicated to making language an opportunity, instead.

Derrick Van Mell

Use the 1-Page Table of Priorities to focus on the real priorities

The Center's workshop on its Table of Priorities attracted 30 senior business development experts. Learn what they learned!

Derrick Van Mell
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